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SKILLZ Nanaimo Kids Martial Arts
At SKILLZ Nanaimo, we are committed to creating a community of positive and encouraging people working together to empower each other to be the healthiest and happiest versions of themselves.
Try us out with a 2 Week Trial which includes a private one to one session!
Class sizes are small and controlled and we have sanitation and proper distancing in place, as well as online classes for those who are not able to do in school classes! 
No walk-ins please!
Once you have booked online we will call you to book your one to one orientation with an instructor.
We Have In Studio Kids Classes 7 Days A Week!*
109 Finlayson Street, Nanaimo
*Kids Attend 2-3 Classes A Week. And We offer 5 days of live classes and 2 days of zoom online classes you can choose from
** Free Kids Uniform When you Sign up to Membership 
Age-specific classes means your child gets the care they need.
Most martial arts schools throw every age group into the same class. The result is total chaos!

But from consulting with top experts - we know that kids develop different skills at different ages. A 4 year old, a 7 year old, and a 10 year old are miles apart! 

They need classes specific to what they can handle. 

We offer that here. Based on child psychology and neurology, we split kids up into specific age groups. That way your child gets EXACTLY what he or she needs to truly flourish. 

Classes are smaller, calmer, more focused, and more FUN.
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How will it benefit my kid?
Healthy, safe, fun exercise!
With video games, smart phones, computers, and tablets… it’s getting harder and harder for kids to get exercise. We solve that problem in every class.
Every session is a FUN, full-body workout for your child. It keeps them healthy and strong…
And even develops balance, coordination, and strength.
Plus, our program is EXTREMELY safe.
In fact, martial arts has a lower injury rate than bowling! (Crazy, I know!) That’s because we put so much effort into stretching, proper technique, and supervision.
Their confidence and self esteem will grow
Your child will accomplish things here that they may have never thought possible.
They’ll not only amaze you… they’ll amaze themselves.
They’ll realize that they can achieve so much more than they ever thought. And as a result, their confidence in themselves will SKYROCKET.
It’s a truly wonderful thing to see.
You’ll see a confidence that radiates from the inside, and seeps into everything your child does.
Passionate instructors who truly care!
All of our instructors go through a rigorous screening process. First, we conduct interviews and background checks to make sure they’re the best fit.
Then, we dig deeper to make sure they’re PASSIONATE, full of ENERGY, truly love helping kids, and know how to have FUN!
Kids fall in love with our instructors, and I have no doubt your child will, too. They’re amazing people, and wonderful role models who are there to help your child get ahead in life.
Self defense skills keep your child safe!
While fitness & fun are the main focuses of our program... kids also learn how to powerfully defend themselves.
No bully will ever cause them fear or humiliation if your kid's confidence is unshakable.
But we also teach kids about diplomacy. Talking things out always comes first.
In fact, 9 out of 10 situations can be resolved through the talking skills we teach children. They learn how to peacefully end situations BEFORE they get hostile. But just in case that won’t work, your child will know how to defend himself and escape.
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